Monday, May 27, 2013

Harith's school art gallery

I am amazed at how creative kids can be given the chance to express. I brought the boys to Harith school elementary art gallery the other night and caught by suprise at their work including Harith's. it is soooo amazing!!! And I am not exagerating here. I love the way they displayed the kids art as well. I can see how proud Harith's felt when he saw his work up on display and being admired by the adults
The invitation pamplet

Harith and Uyay at the hallway 

The blue butterfly next to then is Harith's, made by recycle stuff

Art display in the library

The art is displayed everywhere even the stairs and the lights are awesome. 

More of Harith's work

Some of the are classrooms effort like this building stairs to the moon ' menuju puncak!!'

Giraffe and human by Harith from paper


Uyay next to Harith masterpiece

We had so much fun enjoying the creative artwork. In total we saw 7 of harith work and I love to see how this boost Harith confidance. Bravo SSIS.

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