Friday, January 11, 2013

Islamic lesson

Staying abroad, there is no luxury of islamic lesson being taught at school, there is no islamic kindergarten, islamic school in the afternoon. Furthermore the international school culture are different as well, very western way with their celebration easter, halloween, christmas and stuff to the point that i am not sure many kids knows thats most of those celebration are actually religious celebration not just seasonal. I have to do lots of explaining to Harith on this context, alhamdulillah due to early attempt at making him knows Allah and Islam he accepted them as second nature . This is what we want, in Malaysia, surrounded by saudara muslim, where everybody aroun you are muslim, it is easy to embrace the religion of islam within you. But in international community, we should be aware that such luxury dont exist. effort have to be made to make sure our children are a muslim body and soul. I taught Harith iqra' myself, hafal surah lazim and tauhid. We did them everyday after school. Most of the islamic knowledge lesson i did with him and uyay unformally, like talking bout Allah makes living things when we were out in the park, Allah make abah bought you the toy during shopping and stuff. I have children islamic CD, nasyid, doa and Iqra which are very catchy that i put on most of the time, this constant passive listening of zikir, nasyid and quran recital will be registered within their subconscious mind.

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