Saturday, June 28, 2014

Inventing games

I am sure its a culture Harith gets from his school , to build his own game, making his own games rules, playing with using as much counting as possible. 

The other day Harith started to take a paper, a paper clips, cutting paper money and when its finally done in about 15 minutes he introduce us to his very own game call "money shower". He make this wheels with many kinds of money reward and including a money showe rewards. If your revolving paper clips stops at the money shower signs at the wheels then you get to be bath with money. The rules are the player who gets the most money shower wins, and the loosers are the ones with the least money.

Thats how the wheels look, with money reward with many zero's uuuuuhhh. Paper clips held by a pencil at the center, you flick the paper clips and let it revolved.

All of us is playing including ummi.

Harith gets a money shower...yeay!!

Dont worry about the mess after because there is a hardworking notty girl willing to help pick up the strewn money, and put it in the basket. She so enjoys this routine.

Happy to be included. 

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