Saturday, June 28, 2014

Making our own helmet

Zuhayr is now at home while Harith still have to go to school, and as his older brother now, once he got bored he started to ask to do a project. "Ummi I want to do art!! ". 

This idea is derived from art attack. You can actually google all art attack project from their web and even download the work sheet. So thats what we did.

So thats the instruction I downloaded from the net to the ibooks. And we follow exactly as per instruction.

The balloon is what will keep the shape of the round helmet and we paste glue with paper on top of the baloon.

Then once fully covered, try to make as thick a layer as we can. Wait them to dry overnight, once dried, pop the ballon , removed it and cut the helmet into shape.

To make the visor I use a piece of thick paper and a plastik papers blue in color as requested by uyay.


Then after designing the helmet the boys paint them.

Yeay!!! Siap.

Happy and proud of his work.

Just have to share this cute smile.

Bikers post with his helmet

More !!! My heart swells seeing how happy uyay is with his craft work.


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