Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pirate ship

Today Harith ask me whether we can build a ship. He wants to build a pirate ship. Hmm I actually dunno how to make a toy ship , that float!, and I feel blessed living in this era, where I just have to Google just about anything. I found this web who taught me the easiest way to make one, then we find the stuff and sit together one wonderful Sunday afternoon and work on the ship together. Its so much fun. Playing the ship with the kids later. Not to mention I don't have to spend money on toys nowadays cause the kids believe they can make all their own toy now :D, isn't that lovely. Not to mention building their confidence on the fact that they can make something that actually works!! . Enjoy the pic!!

Empty milk bottle.

Cut white papers
Covet them up
Harith choose to colour them brown, its the logic wood color right?
Uyay coloring his own smaller ship

making the sail, harith design his own pirate sail, from memories he recal how it should look like.

putting the sail up

My very own pirate ship!!!
The wind effect!! This is in a way is a science project as well whereby we show the kids how the wind propuls a vehicle forward and how it effects is enhance by a sail.
After playing we can put them to dry to play again. oh yes, to protect the bottom of the ship from getting wet we can cover the bottom of the ship with solofon tape.

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