Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good sport

Last nite , My friends and I together with over 100 of Kelantan team supporters went to support the match between Kelantan and NaviBank Saigon. Believe it or not this is my first time ever to go to a football match and support my team ( suporting my cik abe' kay). It was so much fun. Watching a real life game is fun, me sitting together with other fans and supporters was fun, winning was fun, cheering once gol is even so so much fun. Will losing be fun?? Why not, what have we got to lose?? The most important thing is we are having a good time,  but of course winning enhance the good times :D.

Me, Ody and Diana. Excited!! that Kelantan flag is fresh from the Benthan shop oven, tempah and takes 2 day to be ready.But looking awesome as ever.
Abang with one of the kelantan team striker.
Abang, Ramzul(D hubby) with Tan Sri Anuar Musa and wife, Pn Sri is such a nice lady.
My favorite keeper. Very nice, very humble, very the good looking maaaa....swoon...
Abang jersey for the night. Yes its last year's jersey. I have to salute the Kelantan team, their jersey is awesomely nice!!, this year 's jersey is even better.
This is the best picture amongst all pic of us the ladies with 'Apek" taken by the guys.(see my gambar siap blurrr lagi) Sabotaj taw the guys ni , penat tunggu nak bergambar ngan mamat ni.
The Kelantanese fan , came all the way for the game and of course shopping. But they are such a colorful fan man. Mase tak gol,gol, sume ayat pedas keluar, pastu bile gol, they are the best fan you could ever ask for. Gomo Kelate Gomo, !!!Gomo Klate Gomo!! They are only about 200 of us all, but gega gempta stadium. Surprisingly, the Vietnamese fan are so docile.
Me and my sweetheart.;)
From the left is our Consul General Mr Shazryll, hubby on far right and Tengku Ferdinand at the back. All looking handsome as ever. :D wakakaka.
Us celebrating after the game at Halal Saigon.                                                                                             

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