Sunday, May 6, 2012

Toy airport

Harith wants toy airport for his birthday present. So i figure, why don't we just make one. Save me lots of money. :) . Therefor today we set out to make our latest project.

One of the best thing in Vietnam is the availability of lots of stationary with such reasonable price. I found this hard board in the store for 20kVND(RM3) each.It is as hard as a plywood. as you can sein the ipad in front of Harith is the airport model I saw in the web.
We begin by tracing the lines for runaways.


Then we cut the felt to act as the grass in the model
Harith putting glue on the felt to paste on the board.

Brown felt at the side.
We took a box and cut them and cover with red papers. This is gonna be the airport.
Paint job now

Harith making the control tower.

More painting jobs

Painting the airport.
Yes!! Done!!
Harith airport from above.
Beautiful horizontal view.

One of Harith's favorite red toy plane parking at the airport.
Easily folded for smart storage.

easily and neatly stored.

We took about a total of 4 hours to complete this project. Once done Harith's and Zuhayr is so happy playing the airport. This activity is fun making . Its a good way to spend time with the children. Once the airport is finally done and ready it will boost their confidence on making something out of nothing.

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