Friday, May 18, 2012

My little artist

Harith loves to paint. He paint almost everyday. He will ask my permision weather he can paint today, then he will set up his own isle, get the water colour himself, water in a bucket, a clean towel, brush , palete and his own chair to sit while painting. He will either choose an object to paint or he will paint a scene from his memory or his imagination. He will choose the colour and squeeze the colour out himself , mix his own colour, wash the paint brush once he's done with the colour wipe it clean with the towel and take another colour using the clean brush. Once done he will bring the painting out to dry and cleanup his painting stuff. Thats the routine that was taught to him slowly and repetetively. All this actually make me realize how good children are with routine. He's getting better at his painting everyday. Uyay will usually wants to join in after and of course ummi will have to set the stuff for him and clean them up later.

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