Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mind trap

                    We(hubby and I) were watching social network the other night. It is a story behind the making of 'facebook'. I was so fascinated with Mark Zuckerberg. I mean he is such a genius. In the movie they protrayed how fast and smart he is. very quick thinking, brilliant!! To sum it all. In wiki, it was told that Zuckerberg began writing software as a child. At times when kid his age is playing video games, he actually created one. He will ask his friends to draw a character and he will develop the game. His father( a dentist) taught him Atari Basic Programming (what the hell is that!! ) while he is in primary and later hire a software developer to tutor him privately. He actually took a graduate course in the subject at a college nearby his home while he was still in high school ( what!!). In his high school years he developed a program called synapses ( a programe that used artificial intelligence to learn the user listening habits) that microsoft wants to buy but he put them available online instead just for free ( you must be kidding me man!!) Later he enroll in Harvard which are full of more prodigy just like him. I went through most of the co-creator of facebook profiles(zuckerberg college friends aka all still teenagers) . And i'll be damned, most of them have as much successes in early life , childhood life as Zuckerberg.

               Later, I was wondering why? Why? Are all these genius people came from US, Europe and most developed country but not in our part of the world. Apple, blackberry, microsoft..etc..etc what have our races has given to the world??Was it genetics? It could be but still the prevalence of genius should still be more random. Then I realize that these inventors are not necessesarily genius, they might be juat briliant and creative and self driven. Yet here we have many brainer as well, zero creativity, zero success tho. What is our problem??

                    Living here, in vietnam i realize that most of the peole here are somehow different intelectually ( i dunno how else to describe it. Sorry) they are frustrating to work with. Its like they are programmed this way. They go to school at a very young age, 6 full days a week, what did they do in school?? Somewhere i heard they are given lots of stuff to memorize. And then it hit me bamm!! There are something in their education system to programed them to think and act in certain ways. Just like the british and dutch and french who controlled our education to make us easier to rule before.

                   Now after 54 years of independence. I have to say there are nothing to be proud of our education system. It is an old system that screams!!!! Changes. Our educational system are still base on Penyata Razak(1956) and Penyata Rahman Talib (1959) . It was last reviewed in 1983 for KBSR and 1989 for KBSM. Common man!! Do we seriously think that the system 30 years ago is still relevant now!!! Who are you kidding!! . Back to my issue. The human brain is actually a miracle, its capacity as to date is actually infinite. You can see these ecspecially in the young growing minds of our children. Their ability to learn, their curiosity and their achievement in a short span of their young life is amazing!!! That is up untill they go to school. Our aged old traditional( teaching kids to be rigid) school. How many of us realize that the sylabbus that are thought in the school kill our child mind creative thinking?? At a very young age, the earlier they go to school, the earlier the assasination are done. Parents, teachers are only concern about learning to read, write, count and most of all excell exams!!everything are learn only through textbook and chalkboard without any real experience on what we are learning. Education and living are compartmentalize, go to school study, study at home, do your homework then after study you can play and enjoy. Why cant we enjoy during lessons??our mind are not encourage to wonder away from the syllabus. You just need to read this, remember that( hafal) and you'll score in your exams. Exams are everything!! These are the mind trap of Malaysians. Things that are stopping us to be Great. Our power of mind have been caged since young.

                With this realization is my urge for us to change. Tho we cant change our nation education policies. We can change our own children education policies. We can do that by educating our children the right way. Get more involved, dont just leave it to the schools. Google, search, read and then share of the best education that the western are exposing to their children in order to make them great. Add our own succes flavour( that is the Islamic knowledge) to them. For me I have found mine, It might not be the best but it is my favourite, to be expose to their concept more, is to teach me to understand more about nurturing human mind to greatness it deserves. My method are 'montessori method'. And I will try my best to share them here. Stay tune :) . And to Zuckerberg, I salute you boy. ( young billionaire b***ch) :D.


  1. AIN,I feel guilty to my kids when i read this...coz i don't have much time wth them..i send Danial (my first child,aged 5) to Genius Aulad n at nite after dinner,we (hubby & I) do revisions wth him (he teaches iqra' n i teach english or malay)..and i admit it is tiring.,.we normally reach home -after work around 7-7.30pm.i prepare dinner and so 8.30-9 revisions start...we hv 2 take turns doing that coz someone has to play wth my 2nd child..zahra,1 yr.we dont hv maid coz i dont trust maid n we are not comfortable to hv a stranger in our hse..but i know quantity is not important but quality rite,Ain.i'm so excited to browse thru ur blog to learn frm u my dear fren.i want to hv fun wth my kids too and want their childhood is t sweetest memory that they hv wth us...any advice for a working mum?keep up ur good work Ain!u r a super mom!

  2. Hi An, thank you for your comment. You are a supermom too. Working and taking care of your kids, and all sorts of housework. All of us are, dont ever forget that. We mommies whose working, we cant help the nagging feeling of guilt for not spending enough time with the kids, i know, i use to be working too. Well here is what we will do. Rule no 1- once we step in the house from work, put down the smartphones, and just give them our full attention. Rule no 2- well thats basically it. Give them our full attention, thats all they ever need, they miss us the whole day while we are working.