Friday, March 30, 2012

Our very own angry bird game

In montesorri method, they emphasize a lot on young minds exposure to the environment. My aim in this activity is mostly to introduce stones to my kid. Their shape, surface, strenght, weight etc. So i make them pick the white stones at one of our massive flower vase, make them washed and wipe the stones dry themselves... Then what??? i thought... And then the angry bird game idea just sprung out of nowhere. That is how usually i got my idea, from one leading to the other, once you think about something, your minds starts brainstorming and thoughts turned into reality. Its a perfect game to make!!! While playing the game the kids can apreciate the nature of stones, its hardness, heaviness, strenghts, and lots more that i cant describe. And its so much fun!! Learning should be fun!! We have to step outside the box and realize that educating the young minds are more than making sure our kids knows how to count and read. There are more to that. A, B, C, 1,2,3 substarct, minus, etc, etc are not The "education" but only tools to "The Real Education of Life". There are much strenght in play. But there are little values in TV, games, you tubes :D ( which is what our kids are doing nowadays even mine eepsss...Anyway, enjoy the pics. ( it will be random untill i manage to arrange them at my PC)

We picked the stones together washed them and wiped to dry.

colouring the stones.

The boys chooses their own colour for the birds.

The piggies are made from blocks.

cover them with white papers

Our very own sligshot.By building this simple structure ourselves and see it works we are showing the kids that we can make anything out of the things that we have. Encouraging innovative mind.
Now lets play!!
Piggies on blocks just like in the game.
This encourage balance, visual motor accuracy, understanding of tensile strength, goal and achievements, satisfaction and more..more

Voila!!! game over. 

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