Monday, March 26, 2012

Pink party

Last sunday we had a lovely afternoon. Madame Nini pink birthday party!!. The food are fabulous, the company is great!! Living in Vietnam with family far away, we are blessed to have so many Malaysian friends. Enjoy the pics !!.

Table settings, at an exclusive area, with our own buffet table and a life piano music. Ohsemm!!!

The lovely table settings, with only pink and white roses. The Pink and White mini album handbags are specially made by Nini to all of us ladies.

 The foods are very very very good and I mean it. A mixture o western and Malaysian food.

Us ladies sitting filling the table. We prefer to sit together and gossipp!!

The men in white and blue jeans. Such a wonderfull sight to see our husbands dress in themes.

Me and Hubby
Nini and me with my BIG but light present ;)
The waiter at the back dress in pink as well!!! how cute.

Us ladies looking lovely in Pink.

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