Thursday, April 5, 2012

Harith toy house

Today we are making our very own toy house. Its fun and it expose the kids to the very reality of home sweet home. The kids will start naming the parts of the house, its function like roof and windows. The thing in the house, and they can play with them. Its more usefull that opening up our book and start reading house-dining-bathroom- sofa- televisyen- cabinet-chair- dining table( even writing them bore me). This is how playing, art can just cover things that we need to teach our child. Dont just open books and let them see pictures, think of ways to make them experince things they learn and make them fun!!

Drawing the window

Lots of painting job
Attaching the roof
Making chair

Uyay painting the roof
Lots of coloring work

This is my bed

Setting the furniture
Interior design of the house
My very own toy house!!

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