Thursday, August 3, 2017

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

I love Lavender. I did not even realize that I love them so much.  I love their colors, I love the flowers, I had lavender flowers adorning my kitchen table for the longest time( initially i do not know what flowers they are only that its beautiful and I really love the smell of lavender.

A visit to Lavender farm and my real love story with lavender has now officially begins. 

I went with a group of Malaysian students who studied here in Canada. Hubby working as this is weekday on summer break. 
Entrance fee is Cad10 perperson including children. And extra for Lavender ice cream.
Which is so worth it . First time rasa lavender ice cream. 

Inside the souveniers shop is lovely too, lavender scent everywhere because they sell lavender essence here. Lavender pouch, painting and decorations. 

The kids and I at the farm. 

The icecream looks like yam ice cream taste like lavender. Its really nice to stroll around the farm eating this. Addictive too. I am now looking around for lavender flavored ice cream . Memang tak ada la.

Behind us is the souvenier shop. Bushes of many types of lavender, some with more fragrance than the other. Lavender scent is most strongest when there is breeze. 

My sun, moon and stars.

Jakun betulla dengan pintu ni. Really such and art structure here. 

Door to neverland. 

One with kanak2 riang.

Close up look at lavender. I have this in my garden it smells amazing but I just have a small bushels. Feel so gatal to tanam more lah.

There is 2 farms here to go to the other farm we have to walk through this beautiful jungle.

Isn't this building just capture the lavender essence. Really. Love. 

On the way back we made a pit stop at rasberry, blackberry , strawberry basically berry berry picking. 

This is how blackberry bush look like.

And this is raspberry.

Close up raspberry. 

The strawberry season is done. This is the 2nd season I miss strawberry picking. Pegi picking kat cameron highland je la. 

Kids picking. Tengokla kosong je bekas tu. Sebab all buah to petik is small and masam. 

Bye lavender love, till next time. Dreaming of having my own lavender farm.


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