Saturday, August 12, 2017

Black Creek Pioneer Village

This tourist attraction within Toronto takes us back to the year 1800 simulating the life of Canadian and what their houses look like about 150 years ago. 

What the village looks like in the 1800.

I love to watch drama thats setting is back in the old times like "when call hearts" downtoon abbey". Well the buildings pretty much looks like this.

Some of the houses looks like this and this is an original doll house which was built for rich girls back on those days to play with. 

Watching a demonstrasion in the metal shop. 

The city hall inside and out. Places where they meet and discuss law and policies amongst the villager and the mayor.

The cabinet shop. 

How dining room in a doctors house looks like.

The farmers home.

The mill.

The vegetable garden within the village vicinity.

More of the village road an ambience.

Within this village there are tour guide with 1800 costume . This lady is explaining how a doctor back in those days treat patient at their home.

We spent about half a day taking tours and listening to demo. I somehow fell a bit sad and depress going in all these houses. Maybe because the facts that its old and really gloomy. But I like the exterior. The surrounding nature. 

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