Saturday, August 12, 2017

Edward garden 2017

This summer break I try to bring my kids around as much as possible spending time with them while enjoying things Toronto has to offer. We are not going to live here forever afterall. As much as I like to travel and going out. My passion really is the beauty of nature. Gardens , flowers I love them.

This year we went to Edward garden again. Edward garden is home to Toronto botanical garden. This time we really tour all the places the garden has to offer.

I have pictures to share. 

Posing at the entrance.

One with Diha posing habis.

One with the awesome mommy. Building behind is the visitor centre. Cantik pulak tu.

Look at this garden. This is love in green.

In conjunction with Canada 150 of independence. 


Behind Diha. Aloe Vera gajah. 

Flower beds. I would prefer the chair facing those flowers. So that i can oogle them for hours. 

Melintas titi di taman. If you wonder what depa dok jakun. Its frog.

Small creek in the garden. 

Now we arrived at the other park. This is bigger with a long trail for biking, jogging, or simply walking. Really really long. 

The red bridge. That bronze color is rust actually. Tapi cantik pulak. 

Overwhelming love. 

The souveniers store is soooooo cute!!!!.

While we cant visit this garden everyday, not even every months!!! So far I just manage to go every year!!!!lol. I have my own garden close to my heart. I love spending my time out there in the afternoon with my coffee. 

Presenting to you tada!!!!My garden at home My little oasis. 

My flower beds. Nice sunshine. 

Probably does not have as much flowers as the Edwards Garden. But still they give me so much love. 

My outdoor lounge.

Our little field at the back. 

I always find myself appreciating Allah love for beauty and perfection in his beautiful natural world that he created. Therefor while all this beauty is the beauty of Dunya so it may seem. It actually tools for us to get closer to Allah if only we recognize and appreciates the miracles these beautiful nature and aware of its creator. 

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