Thursday, August 24, 2017

Solar Eclipse August 2017 In Toronto.

On 21st August 2017 solar eclipse is happening in many part of north America the complete being at the eastern region of the US. At my place Toronto there is partial solar eclipse about 70%.

I bring the kids at Ontario Science Centre not far from our place to join the solar eclipse party. The centre gave away free solar glass to watch the eclipse safely. And watching the eclipse using solar glass is the best way to watch this. 

There is so many people coming to watch. We arrive early to make sure we get the solar glass.

The weather is just great with clear skies. Just perfect to watch the skies.

We bring our picnic blanket and food and diha bring her bubles.

At 1pm sharp the eclipse started to happen.

Slowly we saw how the round sun becoming cresent because of the moon blocking the light. Because the sun is so bright we cant see this with naked eyes at the height of the coverage at 70% we can feel the surrounding getting less sunny but not dark. 

Some people being their indirect method device.

This is the solar glass.

The eclipse ends at about 349pm.We went home feeling so satisfied. Alhandulillah MasyaAllah Tabarakallah to be able to see such wonders up in the heaven.

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