Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Trip 2017 Dallas

Just after Eid Fitr and kids started their summer break, its 2 months summer break here we embark on another road trip in the United states. This time going our journey took us on the west coast of United states. 

Amazing beautiful experience. Sigh. May Allah grant us the capability in health and wealth to continue travelling and learning from this big planet earth He created. 

The fun begins

Diha hadn't had much experience being on a plane therefor she was soo excited. 

We flew to San Diego via Dallas by American Airlines. Transit in Dallas for 12h. 


We arrive in Dallas at 9am for a day transit of 12h. Enough time to take a train ride to its downtown and walk around. 

Dallas is a rich , spacious and beautiful city. From the airport we took a train to downtown. I love the train, its train track assimilate with its the road in downtown. Its safe to cross on track. Thats nice. No need to spend so much money on subway or MRT track.

There thats how the train looks like. From airport we ride this and arrive straight to donwtown about 45 minutes away. All the way enjoying such a beautiful scenery of dallas well plan new town.

We walk around the town. Chilaxing at the park and had our lunch.

Then we took a free Dallas city tour on Dallas historic streetcar name Mckinney Avenue Trolley around the city.

This is the mode of rransportation in most US city in the 1800. The longest surviving streetcar systen now being the one in San Francisco.

Then we went into Dallas museum of art. Free again and guess what, amongst the first exhibition is about the muslim art. 

Then its time to go catch our plane again.

We took dart ( the train to airport) from the city center, how convenient. And off to airport. Btw we bought a day pass unlimited ride for only US5 for each of us. Kids for half the price. Quite affordable.

I love Dallas. My late father use to come here for a 3 months course back in 1986. I have known about this city ever since I was 5. To be able to visit this place is like a dream. 

The plane ride to San Diego is about 2.5 hours.

San Diego story next. 

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