Sunday, August 13, 2017

Los Angeles

Our next city stop for this California trip is Los Angeles. Wuhuuu!!!!!!Holywood babeh here we come!!!!!!. Sounds so exciting eh.

I would say Los Angeles is famous because so many movies is based on this place. Why not its home for Hollywood. And every year all this well known hollywood stars will come back for Academy Award at the dolby theater.

Some of the famous places here are Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills 90210), Orange County (remember OC), Hollywood , Rodeo Drive ( pretty woman) and those beach. They also have Disneyland and Universal Studio . We did not go to those theme park , no time , no interest.

Us in the dolby theater where the red carpets events are held every year. Macam shopping complex cokia je.

Its about  2 and half hour to Los Angeles from San Diego.

Most of the famous attraction in LA is situated in Hollywood boulevard.  This is where the dolby theatre, chineese theatre and hollywood walk of fame is situated.

The star walk is all over the pavement along the hollywood boulevard.

The chineese theatre.

What I am trying to show here is the Hollywood sign. So small and pathetic. Ade aku kisah . Just a sign kot. 😂.

Sharing more of hollywood boulevard picture.

Walk of fame.

Johny depp and I

Elvis and I.

Lots of life street entertainer.

Then we took an open roof tour around beverly hills , look at home of famous stars and rodeo drive.

Roads along beverly hills.

This is Rodeo Drive.

This is the witch house. Its been in a lot of film.

This is how most celebrity house looks like. High towering bush to protect their privacy. One of this is oprah's house.

We had lunch at this halal burger store.

Then we went on for the search of Hollywood sign at Griffith observatory. Because the one we took from the view point at Hollywood boulevard is pathetically small.

And for the observatory its look like this? Vhhaaaaatt!!!! Scmall kot.

However the observatory itself is nice. Situated at high hills the view of LA on top of this place is amazing.

I love this picture.

The kids at the observatory.

Its interesting to be able to go and see this famous places. But I do find human famous architecture pale in comparison with the wonder and beauty of nature. Having said that, I do have such love to old historic buildings.

Will share that in my Quebec Post (throwback)

Next stop San Francisco.

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