Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summer Break Toronto Sightseeing HarbourFront

Sometime we go around to other places and yet have not explored our own. *lol* . Me including, thats why I will try to go to Toronto attractions as much as I could with the kids.

This summer break is the best time to do that. My boys actually complain and say "Its true la Ummi what abah says about you, you always want to see everything. 

Today we travel to downtown by Go Train. Different from Ttc ( Toronto Transit Commission ) that handle all public transportation in Toronto, this Go Train is operated by Go transit and their train usually go to a longer distance. Between cities in Toronto. Another train system provided by ViaRail and that goes in between states in Canada.

The train coming!!! Jakun orang kampung.

In the train. So different from our ussual noisy subway ride.

Did I mention its a 2 storey train. We ride on the 2nd floor. *sukeeee sangat****

Once we arrived we went to Harbourfront and start our sightseeing there. Harbourfront is situated next to the lake. There is a lot to see for free all along the lake. 

Beautiful sunny day with great weather. It was 23c. Its beautiful.

The beautiful deck along the lake.

Pier along harbourfront.

The kids on top of amsterdam bridge.

View of the city skyline, one of the buildings is abah's office building.

Toronto skyline from the lake. 

One of me *nak jugak*

There is also man made beach at the lake. 

Then we go and walk along the deck enjoying the sun and scenery untill we reach the music garden.

All along the harbourfront there is a lot of garden with bench. This is another view of the pier from the garden. 

There is so much beauty along the harbourfront sidewalk. I wish i can capture them all here. Truth are the presence human experience cant compare to the beauty on screen. Nevertheless I will try to share as much here. In the hope that in the future I will look back to this and remember the pleasure it feels once on that fine sunny day stroling by the Ontario lake in enjoying this. *cheesy*.

Beautiful green grass. Rase nak baring je atas die. Patut la kat Malaysia kite panggil rumput karpet.

Later we arrived at a very special garden called music garden. It was design as a large music note amd from time to time there is a special music played for you to enjoy while in the garden. 

Fresh water drain in this basin on the stone. I saw birds came and drink from this basin.

Lavender. 😍😍😍😍

From the garden we can still sit at the bench and enjoy the pier.

More area with such a dense colorful flowers. 

One more of makcik perasan.

While sitting the kids also enjoyed feeding the birds. 
There is so much places to go and see in Toronto itself. As much as I could I will try to see as much as I can. I do love spending the time exploring them. 

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