Friday, August 18, 2017

San Francisco

San Francisco. Aaaahhh. I've always wanted to come here. Its steep road due to the hilly configuration of the city, golden gate bridge and cable cars are always something I always wish to see. 

I was so suprise once we arrive how cold the city was. Maybe because its much more north. It was 19c when we arrive at the city in the morning, compared to 28c in Los Angeles. Just few days ago we were swetting in Dallas at 38c. The weather however became more bearable in the afternoon at 24c . Thats perfect. Imagine walking outdoor in air conditioner. Neat.

The city itself is so beautiful. Its is such a hilly city. Even walking around it you will either be climbing up or climbing down a hill. Really steep.

Riding the cable car. There is a long line to ride the cable car at the first stop. However the cable car staff always leave a space for pasenger that wants to catch a ride along the way so we waited at the 2nd stop and cutting the waiting time from 2 hours to 29 minutes. The fare for a single ride is very expensive usd7 per pasenger regardless of age. We bought a full day pass for usd21 each person. Which is also quite expensive but well people pay for the famous experience.

The steep road climbing up.

Still climbing.

Now the road is climbing down. Thats the blue sea water in front seen from a high point of the road.

On the cable car.

At the end of the road the cable car will have to turn at the cable car turn-around, this is also some interesting things to watch.

We took the cable car ride untill we arrive at the pier and stroll around the pier and had our seafood lunch here. 

We had chips and crunchy squid and crab rolls. 

After lunch we walk along the pier enjoying the beautiful scenery. San francisco is also famous for its year long fog making the iconic golden gate bridge seems to be bath with clouds in pictures. 

Look at the fog behind the kids and that island at the centre is the famous alcatrez prison. Now serve as a historic site. 

The San Francisco city seen from the deck.

Look at how hilly the city looks.

I love those fog. 

We went around the city using cable cars and street cars, just enjoying the ride and apreciating the beautiful classic architectures of the city. Then we went and see the Lombard Street. Famous for the most crooked street in the world.

Its not just crooked , its also downhill. 

There is nothing wrong with the picture angle. Its the street playing eyetricks. This famous lombard street is actually housing area. I do not know how the residence stands this .

From atop the lombard street, I can see the rest of the city and the blue sea below. 

This is how steep the roads here. If you were pushing a stroller and let them go, it will rolled downwards very fast. 

Like other cities we jist spent a day here and I do wish we have more time. There is something so romantic about the city of San Francisco. Its very sweet and unique. I love it.

On the way back we drive across the golden gate bridge. 
You can walk or cycle to cross the bridge to the other side. For us we cross the bridge with car and just marveling at it from the car. Not as good as walking i guess but dah penat.

We make another pit stop before calling it a day at Zaytuna College founded by my favorite online guru Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

The old buildings or maybe church that is converted into this college. 

Its seems so peaceful. I wish I can study here. 

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