Friday, January 24, 2014

Solat lessons

Recently we have started solat lessons with the kids. Harith is almost 7 years old and we have decided that we can start fiqah education. Since they were small we have gradually introduce tauhid knowledge to them. Telling them about Allah, the creator, and all His attributes (sifat) so much so that Harith can engage with us in a lenghty discussion about Allah and His greatness. But of course its still a long way to go for us all.

We believe that creating the good environment is important, we beleive that we should teach them right early. We teach them to dress well to solat, prepare yourself well because solat is about presenting ourselves to the creator and worshipping Him. 

The boys nicely in jubah preparing to solat Isya' together.

Abah explaining the steps.

After solat we revise the steps and the proper ways of ruku' and sujud

Harith turn is done , now its uyay's turn to show his steps.

This is on another day before solat where abh gives a short tazkirah. 

Kusyu' dengar tu :D.

May Allah guide us always. 

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