Friday, January 24, 2014


This activities focus more and motor skills. Grab and transfer skills and fine motor skill.

On a mat I put 2 similar container, one id filled with small lego's cause at the sama time I want to train her fine motor skills. Therefor since this is involving small object, close no blink observation in required kay!.

Then i started to show her how i take one lego and put them into the empty container. I let her watch several time , if she attempts to start grabbing them try to hold her hand first and continue few toys transfer.

Then let her do it, and take her hands and guide the as well.

Then we start observing while at the same time be ready to intervene if she starts throwing or putting the toys in her mouth.

Diha manage to transfer a few.

Before she starts grabbing the whole container and messes up!!!

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