Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big ball, Small ball.

Recently I have started some activities with Madiha, the concept of activities for very young babies and todlers are more to motor skill, fine motor skills and language development taking into consideration that at all time we are making them very alert and well aware of their suroundings. Taking some times doing activities with them is also important so that we are actually making an effort to spend quality time with our baby.

The lesson are very short only around 5-10 min, because at this age their concentration span is very short as well. We as parents have to understand that knowledge is like seed that grows into large trees with strong roots inside our child's brain.

Presents this 2 balls in front of her and let her plays with them. And say 'ball' and repeat them and repeat them, "ball" "ball"

Then you can introduce another words "big" "big" when she plays with the big one.
And when she takes the small one we will say "small" "small"
Take a note that only says one word at a time. 

Let her plays with them without interuption, once she got bored and starts going to you then we can start playing the ball with her.

This activities then will be repeated at other times and adding more words such as "bounce" "roll" and all associated words.

We should also do this at bath time and says "bath" ,later introduce more associated words like wash, hair, face, hand. During meal time "eat" , then rice, drink, cup.

In my case , as malays I introduce both, sometimes I use the malay words sometimes english. This method is acceptable as long as we singularize the words. One word at a time.

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