Friday, December 13, 2013

Ms Melissa Christmas gift

Ummi can we celebrate christmas? Ask Harith, no Harith we are muslims, christians celebrate christmas. Often times Harith will get frustrated with my answer. We can observe our friends , teachers celebrating it as a part of my effort to teach him religious tolerance . He wants to make christmas trees, he used to want to have the christmas tree's at home as well. Rather than dismissing his wish I try to go around it and try to use the opportunity for life lessons. I do let him do the christmas tree as a present to his teacher. So, this time our christmas tree to Ms Melissa which is Harith class teacher is made from his recycled color paper. 

The pieces of colored paper is rolled to become a beautiful cylinder shape.

Harith is cutting more paper stripes to role. We have few colorful cylinder , many of green as the leaves color.

Uyay helped as well, as seen the papers are used recycled paper .

Thats how the cylinder looks like.

We made our own DIY tree stamp shape from sponge , stick it on blocks , color them with water color and stamp.

The finished stamp paper waiting to dry.

Harith now started arranging his cylinder into a christmas tree shape, i helped him glue them with glue gun.

Almost done, feeling excited.

Yeay done!!. 

Later on the last day of school just before the winter break Harith bring the christmas tree frame to school to give them to his teacher as a christmas present. I would like him to learn respect, appreciation and understanding that we sometimes are different but can still live together in peace. Our differences are what makes us unique so that we can learn from each other. 

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