Friday, December 13, 2013

Bee hives

This is a very simole math activities Harith learn at school and later wants to do more of them at home. Its very simple very fast and Uyay get to do them as well.

Thats the only equipments we need. 

Once measured and cut the rectangle paper is folded in two and then fold again in threes. Altogether giving them a 6 edges that are able to make a hexagon shape.

We did this while the boys are having their dinner, and its done in minutes.

Put together the hexagon shape can fit in each other , complementing each other shapes making a bee hives structure. This is math in 3D, math in nature that the school is trying to instilled in the students. Math are life, logic, functional and fun. Math are not work on paper,  frustration, exams, test, complex as i used to understand them at school before. 

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