Friday, December 13, 2013

Long shot riffle

My little inventor at work again, suddenly i hear the tape scrap scrap again and uyay is at work. He found our broken green ikea children writing table leg( yeap our famous green table is missing a leg, thanx to Harith) and applied "tape" the magnifying glass at the side and tada!! He got a long shot riffle, able to shoot far target.

Busy taping taping taping and sigh ....taping, did i mention this boy is a perfectionist, he wont have the magnifying glass wobbly, it must be attached firmly at the expenses of soo much tape.

Yeap!! Thats the masterpiece, oh yes at the back he attached a holder from a broken shovel to the stump of the table leg for easy handling.

Ummi now is his easy prey, see how he gets the magnifying glass viewer so alligned with the so called riffle. 

Yes, Uyay is very technical, while Harith is very artistic. I am now finding and exploring more toys / tools to enhance and nurture their imaginary innovative inventive ability which I believe are within every children given the chance to explore this natural gift. 

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