Saturday, December 7, 2013

A ba ta projects for Diha and the boys.

I am really determine in the kids religious study , Quran study and have plan and started the lesson with Diha as well. For starters I made a ba ta flash cards, with abang Uyay help. He loves the cards so much that he started arranging them by order on the flour. Later i made a board and stick them on the wall so Uyay and Harith can keep changing the letter everyday to enhance their recognition with hijaiyah alphabets.

Our DIY a ba ta flash cards.

Uyay at work arranging the fkashcards in order.

Diha! No!! Jangan kacau, uyay struggling to stop Diha from messing his flash cards arrangements.

Yeay!! Happy boy , completing his task , naughty Diha got distracted with more paper collection at the center there. 

Later uyay arrange the letters on the wall.

Diha pon nak baca jugak and goes and sound like aaa ggooo tattattatat

Being able to spend time doing activities with the kids is priceless, precious and so damn rewarding. Such a bliss......Alhamdulillah, haza min fadhli rabbi.

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