Friday, January 24, 2014

Hot air expand.

Recently, its hard to find real time to do big projects with my boys. But as much as I can , in the midst of all the house chores I will try to pay attention to their request and fulfill them as much as I can. The other day, while I was busy cooking, Harith having seen a science project you tube about how a baloon expanded on a heated bottle wanted to try and demostrate that phenomenon right away. 

He found a bottle and a ballon and get me pour him a hot water in a cup.( yup its at night and they are about to sleep cause tomorow is school)

Yeay!! It worked!!

Getting excited now we do them on a boiling water, it expands bigger! But we stop before something started to blow up! After all this is fire guys!!

This is Harith illustration on how the concept work.

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