Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold

Again emphasize is actually on language development taking advantage of the activities to enhance baby motor skills. 

Actually activities with babies are much easier because the surroundings are their classrooms, thats why we see babies touching everything that they see and they will spend a long time touching, playing, messing up with new things that we gave them cause its their natural instinct which is curious and passionate of learning.

This is my recycled nutrition bottle. I do keep lots of these bottles at home.

I put ice in one bottle.

Warm water in the other.

Tada!!!! Then present them to her. This is the good way we try to instilled organization in our kids too.
Remember istiqamah always, small but continous.

Then she will start touching them, we as usual start saying "hot" and "cold" everytime she touches the respective bottle. Then I let her play with the bottle as long as she like, if she plays them quite long then the temperature of the bottle will wane , so i put in a fresg ice cubes and a fresh warm water.

I love these bottles cause its really water tight and really hard to open, which is of course madiha favourite thing to do, opening up container. 


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