Thursday, January 23, 2014

Material introduction

Today we learn a bit about material around us. It might be a bit advance, but I learn that knowledge introduce in a spiral manner is good for children. In Harith school they use these methods for mathematics. Concept are indroduce gradually in each grade. 

Today I gather up, bottles, spoon, plastic toys and plastic wood and let madiha plays with them, after prsenting them in fornt of her, i started lifting them up and tell her the thing's name and nature like "spoon" and then "metal". And continues on with plastic, wood, and glass.

My material trays.

Diha is at the stage where she bangs all the things that she holds together so i let her bangs the spoon with glass, glass with glass, plastic withgalss and let her enjoys the different sound they make with each other. Ohh and she is also at the stage where she then throw everythings away pulak. Hehehhe

After she's bored with them, I will put these tray of stuff away at one side and let her play with them again. After awhile we can change the stuff in this tray and introduce new stuff.

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