Saturday, October 11, 2014

Minecraft swords

Yes....eventually the boys catch the game bug....sigh.... And finally they catch the minecraft bug....
As hard as ummi tried to fend it, anyway I still tried to turn them into positive stimulus as much as I can.  

Well , Harith have been fascinated with diamond swords, it seems hard to get in the game , so he wants to have it in real life. So we actually googled it and not to our surprise , they are many you tube video's on how to make almost any minecraft stuff. So we started making the diamond swords using layers of boxes and manila card( is that how we spell it?)

First we do some tracing and cutting.

Uyay helps ummi a lot on this.

Then we trace the card on layers of boxes and cut it( most of this cutting is done by me cause its quite hard for the kids)

The boys seems so absorb in their coloring work. Once its done they took turn playing them, and actually ummi need to make another coz they quarrel on the taking turn playing this one swords---toooo lazy to cut more boxes laaaahhh....

Later I found this awesom square craft toys in spotlight and Harith went on and arrange them into diamond swords too.


And Adan make a minecraft man.

Those blocks are pretty awesome....will share more activities with this little colorfull blocks.
( i got it in spotlight @ ampang point....such an awesome craft and hobby shop.)

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