Saturday, October 11, 2014

The red package.

The other day Harith said "Ummi, there is a book van shop coming to school they went round all schools and today they will come to my school. Please give me extra money to buy books ummi"

So I did.

And he came home proudly presenting the craft books he bought, which uyay so love..

They want to do the craft in them. And they choose one simple one.( Coz our studio kids craft room tak siap lagi la)

Thats the instruction.

So we got ourselves a box. So happy and excited, even though its just a simple one, because we have not have much opportunity to do much craft activities now. 

And start painting them.

Diha watching on ....before menyerang...yes yes she will kacau.

Once the colors dried up the next day I help them wrap rope around.

This activities are more on spending times together, working together and helping the boys , read instruction, follows them, and turn them into the real life things.

The boys are always happy seeing the fruit of their work.

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