Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ipoh trip

The weekend after the singapore trip we went on family trip to Ipoh.


Sampai sampai terus mandi air terjun, tapi because anak kecik, we just play at anak sungai missing the massive high waterfall. 

We spend the whole day upon arrival mandi manda , then went to our beautiful 4 bedroom homestay to rest and enjoy family time.

That night we had barbecue and makan makan invitation at my sister's in laws house.

The next day Gunung Lang trip, naik bot and then bagi makan ikan, ooohhh!!! Besar besar ikan!!!

Zohor at Masjid Cina....very very impressive Da'wah strategy, there is so many chinese tourist here.

Siblings and ibu---- happy moments. (P/s emi xde)

It was a wonderfull trip. Dok pulun holiday before start keje.

 ----- planning the next trip---once able to take leave( almaklumla dah start keje sob sob).


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