Saturday, October 11, 2014

Playdoh but not playdoh

I found this clay toy which is as soft and as good as playdoh but not playdoh and do not cost like playdoh and we had a wonderfull playtime with it.

This whole tube cost RM10 and there is actually so much range of clay toys with these brand. I bought these at Mr DIY.

We made pizza.

Range of fruit and vege's

Uyay and his gun semprot. Hahahahahhahaha

Double cheese burger. As real as fake just like M*D hihihihihi.

Such a simple playtime together. Very satisfying at the same time educational.

Its just that i want to spend time with the kids and do not want them to remember the time together is just for learning and math. The grill time. Lets learning be fun.

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