Saturday, January 9, 2016

Reviving Islamic Spirit 2015 'Alliance of Virtue'

On 25th -27th Dec 2015 we attended our first ever Reviving Islamic Spirit conference. It is the biggest Islamic conference in North America after the ISNA conference in the US featuring world renowned speaker like Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Imam Zaid Shakir Ustadh Nouman Khan, Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy and many more.

The list of speaker in RIS this year. 

Every year it has massive attendance ranging form 20000 to 25000 participants. I am thankful that Allah gave me the opportunity to attend such an inspiring events. Me and hubby have to bring along all our 3 kids but Alhamdulillah Allah has made it easier for us.

Us at the entrance hall.

It was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, very comfortable place with a high quality conference hall.

Syakh Hamza Yusuf my most beloved web teacher, i love his speech, I always listen to his you tube usrah. He is such an inspirational scholar. He brings me to this new realm world of scholar that I have never known before. I strongly recommended anyone who loves ilmu to listen to him. Listen to him once you'll be hooked just as I am. He is the founder of the First Accredited Muslim College in United States.( having hope and wish to study here one day) .

Tada!!!! Sape tak kenal!!! Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. I feel that every time I hear his speech I was thinking he couldn't be more brilliant but everytime he delightfully surprise me with yet more new insight of the Quran. To hear him speaks live ******insert so much gratefull feelings*******. 

Sister Yasmin Mohaged, sitting here listening to her speech, amidst  thousand of attendees, i feel like showing the world hey, what is this talk about 'Islam suppressing woman'. She is as respected as other male speaker out there, in fact there is a number of well respected muslimah speaker in this RIS this year.Sister Yasmin delivers a strong speech on becoming a better muslim, a stronger muslim community.

There are moments that I felt proud as a Malaysian in this world class conference.

Masjid Shah Alam featured as the beautiful backdrop.

Raihan performance, most respected amongst muslim around the world as the first ever Nasyid group in the music world. They performed Nasyid in Malay by the way. Bangga mak!!!!

With the kids, we have to take a break on and off letting them let out steam as well. There is a very comfortable praying area at the exhibitions place where we can sit and rest have meals together.

The praying area.

The kids really enjoyed it here.

Inside the conference , the kids doing already tired. There are many families with kids like this. The conference do held activities for kids if they want to join.

Zaytuna college booth and book signing session.

Book signing by Dr Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

We also join the meet the speakers session. This is with Imam Zaid Shakir.

I really felt blessed to be given this chance of such a life changing experience. I was given a first hand opportunity to really assimilate and understand Islam in the West. The western muslim open my view of Islam in such an optimistic way. Rather than being a passive receiver of fate and holding to such rigid islamic doctrine they revive it, urging us to take control of our fate as a Muslim in the face of the challenging world today. They urge us to wake up, contribute to our society ,make a change, within ourselves and within our community, for the betterment of the muslim community as a whole. They urge us to use all our gift, talent , capabilities not supressed it but nuture it to revive our beautiful Islam.

And for that i felt ever so blessed more than ever to be within this great family. The family of ISLAM.


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