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Blue mountain winter holiday trip Dec 2015

Hello welcome to our Canada Travel Log. During the 2 weeks winter holiday, we went to the Blue Mountain. 

21st Dec 2015
Waking up to an exciting day ,get ready and off we go.We took a bus there with AUC bus company. This is the only company that provide a bus trip to the blue mountain. It is a pre booked bus service and we can buy their bus ticket online at their website AUC travel.  They have 2 busses that make a trip everyday from Toronto to blue mountain from 830 am-930am depending on the pickup location , and from Blue mountain to Toronto at 6pm. Each bus has a few roots and stops that is available for pickup. Most of their bus pickup area is around the subway station therefor it is easy for tourist. Bus ticket cost about cad20 perway for adults and cad16 for kids.

Us outside the bus. Excited for our winter getaway.

The bus trip is fun and beautiful and took us about 2h30min. This id due to the bus maing few stops to pickup other passengers along the way, the usual trip to blue mountain by car will take about 1h30min.

And finally we are here.Yeay dah sampai. We stayed in westin trilium house blue mountain.The hotel is  spacious, comfortable and really awesome.

The dining and kitchen. The kitchen is complete with cooking utensils, stove, diswasher, fridge, coffemaker, microwave plates and cutlery, down at the blue moutain village within walking distance of the hotel facilities there is a groceries store, I end up buying few groceries and prepare meals in the kitchen. Hahahhaha, yes easier to eat with all this munckin just in the room.

2nd hall with sofabed. 

The bedroom.

View from our balcony, the rows of beautiful colorful buildings across the lake is the blue mountain village. Those 2 pool is an outdoor heated pool.

Then after settling down, had our lunch, in the room, we went on to the plunge aquatic centre within the resort. Its great in a way because the pool is a heated one, the current temperature is 4-7 degree celcius, thats cold but the water temperature is heated therefor its comfortable to stay in the water. Zuhayr ( who hates swimming in Malaysia, cause it gets cold) love swimming and playing in the aquatic centre here because the water is warm!!!!) lol.mmacam macam kerenah.

Me and the kids, ( abah tak masuk, takut sejuk). We spent about 3hours playing, then its time to go to the room for a warm bath and dinner. 

After dinner we went out to enjoy the village scenery at night. 

Kids at the hotel lobby.
The streets is filled with beautiful lights, theres is some coffe shops, souvenir shops, restaurant and bars for the guest . There are life musics playing the christmas jingles. Along the streets they put upfireplaces  and chairs for those who wants to spend the night out in the cold chilly nights. 

22Dec 2015

Rise and shine!! And have a homemade breakfast.

The village groceries is packed with fresh foods with affordable prices, from cheese, bread, oven toaster waffles, milk, rice, cereal and more.

After  breakfast and bath we went out to enjoy the scenery outside.

The lake in front of our hotel. If the weather is cold enough in the winter, this lake will be frozen and perfect for ice skating. At the moment obviously not. 

Us and 

The buildings behind is our hotel and other hotels that is situated within the beautiful blue mountain .Further behind with white patches of snow is the sking hill that is not ready at the moment since the weather is not cold enough and not enough snow for sking trail.

Unfortunately for us, it hasn't snow in blue mountain or even in Toronto at the moment. So we cant do any snow activity here, there is however a lot of other fun activity in the activity central to enjoy.

In the afternoon , the weather is so hazy and misty and we went up on the chairlift. It was the best chairlift experience I have ever had in my life. As we went higher up to the mountain the air became thicker and thicker with the heavy air mist, the surroundings are all white, we are fully engulf in the mist and it was so peacefull and quite. It feels like taking a ride up to the heaven. 

I dont think my words or this picture can fully describe the whole experience. Its really mystical.

In the late evening we went of to enjoy the outdoor heated pool in the hotel which Zuhayr really love.

23 Dec 2015.
Last day!! , oh wish we can stay longer, there are yet more activities to do.

We went on the coaster ride.

Harith did wall climbing.

We took a hoarse carriage ride around the village.

Had a pizza lunch ( we have checked out so ummi cannot cook anymore). Mane pizza nye??? Hahahha.

And we had the most enjoyable family time playing putting together at the beautiful resort putting hills.

Then at about 6pm we took the bus ride home. The kids got so tired and slept all the way home. It was all in all such a beautiful vacation. Alhamdulillah. We will be sure to come again when there is more snow to see. Definitely.

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