Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ginger bread house

One of the activities during the winter holidays with the kids this year is decorating a gingerbread  house. I would really love to bake the cookies myself however I am just planning to do a butter cookies for the body of th house, my kids however really want a gingerbread cookies. So ummi , not knowing how to bake the cookies, not having the ingredients to make them therefore we bought the gingerbread house kit. 

Thats how the kit looks like, it cost about 9cad at wallmart.

The item included inside.

The kids started to assemble them with icing sugar paste which is also provided with the kit.

Then the fun time, decorating with candy and meanwhile sampling all those yummy candy as well.

Diha also did not miss the chance to participate in the fun.

Yeay dah nak siap.


Same tak??

Well it was so much fun doing this activities with the kids. Next year I wanna try and do them myself from scratch.


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