Monday, January 18, 2016

Do you wanna make a snowman

This is our first experience living in winter and its so AWESOME!! MasyaAllah, snow is so beautiful, though the weather in winter can be quite harsh, like temperature can go as low as -20c , otherwise this new experience is something to cherish and remember.

Hello winter. Ni kat padang sekolah the boys.

Us in front of the house on the way to school. At the moment its snowing heavily. Sekejap je snow dah penuh kat walkway. 

Walking to school, walking along the walkway. Kaki diha tenggelam sampai pangkal betis. Tak bole tolak stroller.

Shoveling our front porch, snow up to10cm thick.

Eventually i found a way to bring diha, on a sledge, the canadian way. Surprisingly this sledge slides nicely on snow and it does not cause much effort at all to pull diha on this.

Walking to school. Tukang tarik sledge tangkap gambar jap.

Tobagoning is one of our favorite activity after scholl when the hills are full of snow. Just in front of the kids school field there is a nice small hill for the kids to slide . This picture is taken right after school. Harith is at the far centre carying his sledge up the slop . Ummi pon join main. Best !!!

Harith gaya surfer.

Di satu petang yang indah. The kids playing together.

Our backyard is flat and nice to play snow too. After sending the boys to school, ummi and diha play snow together at the back. Diha tengah rolling snowman.

Dah siap. Yeay !!! girl snowman tgk mata macam ade bulu mata.

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