Friday, December 6, 2019

Amazing race

Our family joined an amazing medical race held by Beacon hospital together with my husband other siblings and their family and it was so much fun.

It was held in Perdana Botanical Garden. 

We have to wake up very early that day because the flag off is at 7am. We were given 5 clues each clue lead to the other clue, that brings us to another station. 

My kids were very excited to try to win the race and they ran so fast ahead to reach the next station. Leaving me and hubby behind. 

Earlier before the race start Harith already told me ummi will you make us slow. I said of course I won't. But then when we have to run from one point to the other which is quite far, I actually am slower than them. Lol.

The Perdana botanical garden early in the morning. I was surprised at how many city dwellers came here early in the morning to exercise.
Us taking a compulsory post at the Bunga Raya monument in order to get the next clue.
The road ahead. Since the place is quite big all checkpoints are far from each other. Towards the end of the race, I am quite suprise at how much distance we have covered. Happy me, to be able to exercise a bit.
Our strong team. Harith is quite dedicated to winning.
Another compulsory group post that we have to post on Instagram to get the next clue.
Once we are done we have to solve the puzzle to complete our race.

Us at the amazing lung race

The whole gang. Our big family who join this race is divided into 3 groups.

Overall I am so glad that we did this activity. It's such an amazing experience. I have not done a treasure hunt for a while and never with my hubby and family. I am surprised at how hard my kids work to try to win the race. Would love to join activities like this again in the future. 

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