Friday, July 19, 2019

 As promise , these are my Hari raya Aidulfitri 2019 photo's. this year we celebrated Eid in Shah Alam, well sort off because at 12 we started our journey back to Kota Bharu which took us about 10h to arrive. This is the 1st time we make this kind of arrangement because I am unable to take a long keave for Hari Raya plus a short Hari Raya break in 2019.


We went to Eid prayer at Masjid Besar Shah Alam as usual.

Anak-anak semua dah besar berjalan ke Masjid.

Our little family

Our family and Ibu

My big family together with Ibu,Jay, GG and family, Emi and family .Not in the picture Eyja and family.

Driving back to Kelantan with our Hari Raya baju.

My hubby big family in Kelantan

Later, our department Jamuan Raya, this my other family picture. Family at work.

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