Friday, July 21, 2023

Kuala Lumpur-Dubai ..the journey part 1

Once inside the departure hall, I started to realize that our long exciting journey has begun!!!. Our long journey to the end of the world. Miami time zone is exactly 12hours form Malaysia. At 7 am in Malaysia just as the sun rises for a new day is 7pm in Miami when the sun just set. Inilah permulaan ceritaku berkelana ke hujung dunia. 

Just us now. Our 4 kids, hubby and I. During this time I reminded my kids again. Cherish this moment, the time that all of us can travel together as a complete family, you all are getting older , there will come the day when there will we will have to leave you behind to pursue your own life and dreams. 

Our mighty A380 Emirates plane that will bring us on an 8 hour journey to Dubai. 

Bye bye Malaysia. 

Last family photo on the land of Malaysia. 
I am sharing some random photos of us in the plane as memory. Someone use to tell me , enjoy the journey. 

The last 2 trips Madiha was very small , this time she will be big enough to remember this.

Tak tawla lepas ni dapat lagi tak ikut kami , sebab dorang pon dah besar. So cherish this always.

Si kecik ni sangat lorat dalam plane. 

Susu and her 'tiwi' tak tinggal. Buat macam rumah sendiri. 

Me trying to enjoy my journey sambil jaga budak kecik kat sebelah. Not an easy task. 

Zuhayr enjoying 1st class dining in the air. 

We arrive in Dubai at 10pm , 29th June 2023. The plane depart from Malaysia on the same day at 730pm. It was 2nd day of Eidul Adha for Dubai. 

Clever sangat to provide free strollers for use at the airport. Mc Larren lagi. 

Inside the train to Arrival hall

Our 10 luggages.

We took the airport Limo to our hotel and retire for the night. Upon stepping out from the airport I immediately felt the heat!!. Adoi panasnye Dubai even at night. Siang lagi la. Story in the next blog entry

Our journey is halfway done. Goodnight for now. 


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