Saturday, January 12, 2019

Perhentian Island

Surprisingly, I have never ever been to any island on the east coast of Malaysia. Perhentian Island has been in my bucket list for a while, finally, I made the trip. I was delightfully surprised of its beauty and nature. We went there during a long break in September.

  We took a boat from Jeti Kuala Besut which is only an hour ride from my hubby hometown in Kota Bharu however if you drive from KL like me its about 5hour ride.

at the jetty waiting for the boat.

ze gurls

The 45 minute boat ride was awesome, the speedboat racing on the water sending cool breeze cooling my face with views of the aquamarine sea reflecting the clear blue skies is something one must experience.

Family photo on this beautiful island.

once we checked in and had our lunch, done prayers and rest, we went out to the beach which is just in front of our hotel room. The sea water is so clear clean and  blue. 

More pictures of us above snorkeling by the beach. The next day is a fun island hopping trip day. We took the boat on few island tour for swimming and snorkeling.
again i really enjoyed the boat ride.

view from the boat ride.

me under the clear blue sea water.

The water around  Perhentian is so clear and blue,  lots of fish, sadly many dead corals, the one that is still alive is colorful and beautiful. I really love the snorkeling trip. The island hopping activity ends at around 4pm, then after bath and rest, my nephew, niece and I take a long hike up the hill to see the rundown windmills area high atop a hill, the view of the sea from up there is breathtaking.

some of the pictures at the top of the hill. However the place is rundown and quite dangerous for kids. luckily I left them in the rooms resting with hubby. I as usual do not mind hard arduous effort in search of new place and experience.

On the way back we manage to capture the beautiful view of the sun setting over the horizon. 

the last night they served us barbeque, this comes with the hotel package. not so nice, so average.

The next day is home time, but we manage to catch another round of snorkeling at the beach before checking out. I was thinking of how I would not feel tired of this scene of the clear blue sky, aquamarine seawater, soft white sand, thousands of fish and corals in the water.

The boat ride home is again great. while in the boat I was thinking of how nice life of the boat driver and people working around the island, to have nature rather than four walls as your office. 

Last but not least our beautiful resort by the beach. The awesome Senja Bay Resort. will definitely comes here again.

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