Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Love For Nature

Recently I have been much aware of the nature and how the world have reach to its turning point where everyone of us have to start healing our earth now that is currently sick due to human doings.

This book then just cross my path masyaAllah in the most amazing ways. And I do realize it's true. To really push forward with the environment awareness we have to start with education. This book touch a lot about how our education have shape us into who we are today , a human species devoid of love for nature,  in fact due to our education it makes us so unaware of it.

It tells on how our life now are so far from the natural world and we are trap in technologies that build buildings,  while we live in this surrounding our awareness of our nature diminish we even hate it sometimes, we find discomfort in it and but deep inside human are made by God to love nature. To be deprive of it cause depression and I realize that is true.

It's a week of school holidays for my kids, the weather have been so cold , around -11c outside with snowstorm therefor my kids and I stays at home the whole time untill mid week. 

Today alhamdulillah the weather is better , it's 5c WOW!!!, and the sun shine bright so I took my kids out and tell them play, my plan was to do to tobagoning and we did that but my son found better things to do around the semi wood outdoor that we are in. 

Being in the wood near the school park the kids started to wonder in the woods finding tree branches and started building with them. After a while they became so absorb with them that they don't want to go home. I remember myself when we are small. Everyday me and my little sister will wait untill 430pm in the afternoon when we will be able to run outside and play and we will start to go out wondering the nature carefree.

There might be lots of things that my kids misses about nature growing in this Era.  

Back to the book I have finished reading it "Earth in Mind" is a must read for us to really understand the earth that we miss due to technology and industry.

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