Friday, March 10, 2017

Islamic School Project

My boys went to weekend islamic school. Alhamdulillah, the school is good and helps me a lot in instilling islamic knowledge to my kids. So anyway they have school projects too. This time the projects is about splat.  Harith chose this topic.  

After brainstorming on how we best do it, we have some idea about it, Harith wants to make a masjid where people prays inside.

We found this box and cut it open and showing the inside of a so called masjid. And harith doing most of the work started cutt8ng the window and covering the inner and outer box.

We work on the projects for around a week, spending few hours each day( I can't find the rest of the project making picture). 

Harith found this picture of a kid performing splat and we print them pasted them on cardboard and arrange them on sequence.

The rest of the family are so happy helping with this project.

Madiha the started wanting her own project too, I want my own project and I want a playground project. 

So together we make her parents, playground project that she is so proud off. 

Painting the slide.

Painting the swing.

Tada!!!! The finish project.

And she plays with it for few minutes before moving to ask for other toys. Sabo je.

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