Friday, September 28, 2018

Aidiladha 2017

This year mark the 3rd year we celebrated Aidiladha abroad away from our family in Malaysia. 

There is no Qurban act that we can see here. Its not allowed by law. Slaughtering is only done in slaughter house with strict rules and regulations.

Its a lonely feelings I would say. We would gather together all Malay muslim friends and try to lift the spirit of Eid.

The celebration started with Eid prayers at Abu Hurairah mosque. MasyaAllah every year the jamaah has increase so much. 

All of us has to pray outside. The difference here from Malaysia is outside is chilly and indoor is warm and cozy. However I still enjoyed the prayers tremendously . Such a glorious day, sitting outside with the muslim jamaah and pray.

Next to Hari Raya gathering at friends house. ( tengok ti semangat mak).

Tgk good tu . Tak nak kalah.

My geng kat Toronto. They are my family here. Geng suka duka. Having them around makes life di perantauan bearable. 

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