Friday, December 11, 2015

Harith and Zuhayr & Canadian Public School.

Still a postdated post.....hehhehe

Harith and Zuhayr finally going back to school.!!, yeay!. ( this happens in early october 2015 actually) This time they will be going to the local public school rather than an international school because Canada is an English speaking country. I am excited to let them experience the public school.

The school is near enough to home therefor we walk to school everyday. I enjoyed the walk though most of the time we were rushing to arrive to school on time. The school started at 845am. Isn't that just awesome.

In the morning on the way. Very beautiful autumn morning. The scenary is always great. I dont think i will ever got tired of it.

Somebody is 'beseybok' nak pegi school with her pink school bag.

Outside school compound before school. Very happy faces. I love to see the kids beautiful and cheerfull costume. 

As you can see, there is no uniform, kids wears any clothing that they are comfortable with. Which is for me very good and convenient. No extra expenditure for school clothing for parents that is only going to be worn in school honestly they is really great savings on this idea alone. On PE days, i just pit them on sports attire that they will wear the whole day, very convenient again. There is also an extra comfort with normal everyday clothing, kids are allowed to become kids at school.  I also personally feel that the clothing alone has added to the sense of fun in school rather that rigid and boring school time with a rigid school clothing. Save mommies time of ironing too. 

Harith during first recess, they have 3 recess altogether where it is compulsory for the kids to go out to the field and play. Here, it is really important for the kids to spend their time outdoor and play. The park that is attached to this school is actually a beautiful public park that is maintained by the city counsel.

Beautiful park outside the school.

More pic of the beautiful park which is also the compound for the school kids to play on recess, no fences. They have teacher staying outside monitoring the kids activity, however overall the safety level here is high.

Walking home after school.

Sometimes the kids will drop by at the playground along the way and play some more. I am really thankful on how much outdoor activities my kids are enjoying here, Alhamdulillah.

Overall, I can see huge improvement in Harith and Zuhayr confidence in all aspect of acedemics and social interaction once they started school here. I often tell my husband I do not know how the teachers do it but they are doing a good job.

 In school they are mutual respect between students parents and teachers, and it started with the teachers, they shows a very high example of respect and love and caring. Just within a week in school, I have been able to talk to most of the teachers that are teaching Harith and Zuhayr , some of them introduce themselves first. Surprisingly as well they know both of my kids names even though they are not Harith and Zuhayr class teacher. They will compliment the kids, my kids usually will have the compliment of politeness and obedient ( cause they are shy and not so extrovert in class, see how the teacher emphasize the positive. They are always encouraging as well, saying things like, they are working very hard to reach this level, they will be there soon, and compliment the part that the kids are good at and emphasize on it. 

There is no exams, or test, you would not know which are the 'clever' one because all kids have their own strenght and they make sure the kids knows that. 

In school here , the students are the important subject matter, not the teacher. The teacher are loving and kind to students, they use words like honey, dear, love to show the kids that they are special. They do not use punishment however use a reward system, if you are good, you got a sticker or points, if you accumulate enough sticker or points you will be complimented and given prizes for it. Compare to punishing the kids once they are naughty. They is no punishment system, only reward system. Stark different from Harith's previous local school ( Harith told me, here if i did not bring the work, the teacher will say, please bring them tomorrow, in Malaysia cikgu cakap kalau tak bawak denda, salah sikit denda).

The school also uses a lot of current technology to make the kids enjoy the lesson.

This game are available free for the kids.

Harith and Zuhayr love to play this game , both of them are the leader in the class. The programe are made as such that the kids enjoys doing math while advancing in the games.

Kids all wraped up to school in colder days of December. 

I have lots of respect for the school system here, even as a public school with government fund they are great schools. I hope one day Malaysian school will be as great. In time InsyaAllah. There is always room for hope. 

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