Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall activities-apple picking at Orchalaws farm.

Hellloooo!!!! Phew its been a long time eh, since my last postdated post. Well here's another postdated post.

On Oct 10th 2015, we went for apple picking at Orchalaws farm with few Canadian Malays here. Great days, great activities, great company and great food too all adds up to such a beautiful memories.

We arrived around 9 am and went in the farm with our family and friends. Its actually free admission but you have to pay for the apple basket or rather a bag for Cad 25 per bag. The park also have a pumpkin patch and sell pumpkin for visitor in preparation for Haloween.

Pumpkin for sale.

Pumpkin patch.

On the lorry to the apple trees of choice.

Diha in front of an apple trees that is within her height to pick.

Rows and rows of apple trees. We can eat the apple straight away here too if we want. Hopkos.

Some of the apples are too high to reach. 

Beautiful weather.


And the rest.

After our bag is full of apples and our stomach too, we head out  to our next location for picnic. With food , no more apples please.... Lol.

Well its is such a wonderfull experience. Looking forward for other fruits picking activities like cherry picking, berries etc which gonna be next year InsyaAllah since the season its over for us this year.

Btw, We manage to consume all the apples we pick till the last one of them within 2 months. Wuhhuuuu. Jimat duit beli apple kat grocer. Hehhehehhe.


  1. Bestnyaaa!!! pumpkin tu masak lemak, buat pengat pun sedapppp... :)

    1. Ye ke , alamak terus teringin nak makan. Haritu buat jack o lantern , isi pumpkin tu dibuang je. Ish rugi.

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