Thursday, October 3, 2013

Majlis Nikah Emi

I am back!!!!

After the longest time. There is a problem with my blog, the picture that is uploaded are blurrr after 4 months of very critical analyzing and fixing, the problem is finally solved, problem: I have not been updating my blogger, solution: update blogger apps , problem status :solved!!! hahahhahahaha what do you expect, doctor and computer. Alasan la sangat.

Let me start with my dear one and only lil sis wedding. To make a short story even shorter, Emi, met Faizal(now her hubby) on January 2013 after 3 dates they decided to get marry on April and wallah they get solemnized in June and did the recepton in August. So there, hihihihihi am so happy for her.

My part in it??? I am the starter...long story..and my part at her nikah is I made her hantaran which is what I want to gloat here, and is a many many many many days hard work on my part, well you know buying the staff to make them etc etc, many did she give her hubby??, well uuhh 3. hehehe so many la .(Emi gave 3, Faizal gave 5, but i did the lorat design hantaran for all 8) so banyak whatttt?? :D.

Enough of babbling laa. 

let the pics tell the story

 These are the flowers and ribbons that Emi chose for her hantaran, that she is gonna get. We bought it here in Saigon. yes, elegant gitu.
 All the gift is wrapped, no one knows except them, the concept. Bagi lesung batu pon bole, kotak kosong pon orang tak taw kan, clever.

 The ribbons for the gift box, so christmassy la pulak

 The small box are the nikah reception door gift.

 I did spend many afternoon doing the hantran but i loooove them, I always love all this lorat stuff. So above are the done boxes for the hantaran, is this christmas gift or what laaaaa.

 And for the tepak sirih, we took and all wood tepak sirih at home, emi wants all in white so we paint this wood tepak sirih white, Harith help me also with the painting job.

 The envelopes are for mas kahwin and wang hantaran also, a secret. Nini made them. Its gorgeous.

Voila!! my 3 masterpiece!!!tantek kan!!!. This is from the bride to groom .

Mane la gambar hantaran from groom to bride?? lupe nak tangkap. 

Some of our happy faces during emi solemnization. It was a beautiful day for us all. Congrates emi and hubby.

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