Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Flower pot

The other day Harith saw my plastic flowers i stored somewhere and wants to arrange them in a flower pot and started wishing that he can make a flower pot. Hmmm he seems to want to make everything that he wants!! Isn't great!!. Tak yah beli, and secretly wishing he has some talent to be an inventor someday. Sigh....mother's fantasy. Well ok why not, so I thought of a very simple paper art. Just like paper mashie but shorter time to dry. We did it one day and let it dry overnight and color them the next day and Harith took my flowers and arrange them himself. Later he had an idea to gave them to his class teacher Ms Rena whom he misses so much during the holiday. Now the flower pot is sitting in his classroom as deco. And he is proud of them everyday. Its a good activity overall fill with creativity, encouraging ideas and realizing them and teach lots of compassion as well plus encouraging self confidence.

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