Monday, March 3, 2014

Mini modular origami book

Harith somehow now love origami, he will make me do, origami plane, origami boat, origami book, but origami is so damn hard. Seriously susahnye!!! The other day he really really really wants the origami book and bookshelves and I just go nuts trying to fold them, but Alhamdulillah i stumble upon this you tube instruction on mini modular origami book making that is super easy and super cute tooo!! 

This is us folding more baby to make mini book.
The hard work continues untill night as well.

Just look for the tutorial in youtube under " mini modular origami book".

 Done!! Are'nt they supercute!!!!!

Still on origami , this is Harith while making origami piano, this might be easy cause he made them without my help.

Proud boy :). 

And then later on I found these grand masterpiece already has its painist!!! 

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